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Please use the form below to submit a request for accommodation at The Tree House. Or call the office at (09)4055855 or enquire via the contact form.

NOTICE: BBH are having email deliverability issues currently, if you haven't heard back from us by mid-day on the day following your booking, please call the office directly.

Dorm beds in the main lodge are $30 per person.
To take a dorm room as a twin room for only two people is $35 per person.
To take a dorm room as a single room for only one person is $60 per person.

A single room in the Hilltop Cabin is $65 and a double or twin room $85.
A share room in the Hilltop Cabin is $35 per person.

A single in the Pond or Brook Cabins is $70 and a double $90.

To book both rooms in the Hilltop Cabin, choose one of the Family/Group room options.

Camping is available for $20 per person, please call the office at (09)4055855 if you want to camp, or choose the $20 single option in the form below. Please note there is no vehicle access to the camping ground, you are welcome to camp in your vehicle in our parking area.


Please see BBH website for booking system terms and conditions.

The Tree House

168 West Coast Road
Kohukohu 0491
New Zealand

Phone: INT+ 64 9 405 5855